Navion DVB-T - TDT Wireless Television Antenna

Navion DVB-T - TDT Wireless Television Antenna


Wireless Digital Terrestrial Television Antenna for Tablet and Smartphone with Android or iOS operating system. This antenne enables you to watch TV on your device without using internet or having to connect a cable from the antenna to the Tablet or Smartphone. The connection is completely wireless with a rangeof approximately 50 yards.

Navion DVB-T - TDT Wireless Television Antenna

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  • WARRANTY up to 5 years. Enjoy a European WARRANTY with unlimited services. WARRANTY up to 5 years. Enjoy a European WARRANTY with unlimited services.
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Compatible with Tablet an smartPhone Android or iOS

Innovative Antenna with DVB-T system, also known as TDT, with which you can integrate Digital Terrestrial Television into your smarphone, Tablet Android or iOS. This TDT systems allows you to watch TV anywhere you want on your smartphone, whether you are at the beach, camping or on the road.

With this device  internet is not needed to watch TV, all you have to do is: download the  application in the Play Store if you use Android or in the App Store if you use Apple. Internet is not needed, you only have to connect your smarphone or tablet to the TV antenna via wifi and you are able to scan all TV channels.

It runs completely without wires, you can installe the device via wifi, your smartphone or tablet will detect the system as a WiFi router, you have to make a connection with this router and set the pasword, which you can find in the instructions you received with the device. You can scan all the channels DVB-T (Freeview) of the country in which you use the antenna.

The antenna is super light, it only weighs 1.7 ounces and its size is really small (like  an average pack of cigarettes). You can carry the device in your bag to any place, it only takes up a minimum of space.

This device is not just an ordinary TV antenna, you can also use it to record your favorite programs. It is provided with TimeShift, a system with which you can store a TV show or movie while you're watching, and watch it at an more convenient hour. 

Technical Features

· Tuner DVB-T EPG

· Frecuency range: 177.5–226MHz(VHF) - 474–858MHz(UHF)

· Rechargeable Li-ion Battery / Battery life approxametly 4 hours 

· WiFi N standard 802.11 b/g/n

· Requires: Android 4.0-3 - iOS 5.0/5.1 or higher

· Range from the device to the tablet or Smartphone through walls approxametly 11 yard

· Range from the tablet or Smartphone without walls approxametly 16 yard

· Weight: 1.7 ounce

· Size: 2.5x1.7x0.8 inch


· Navion DVB-T WiFi

· User guide in English

· Adaptader Micro USB to USB

· Telescopic antenne to enlarge range


- Read the guarantee conditions here

- Pick up and delivery of the product to your home totally free of charge in GUARANTEE cases.

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Great replacement for my old Tivizen model but no EPG.

The T.V tuner was bought to replace a seven year old Tivizen model which I used regularly but was not picking up the TV signal so well now. I was amazed at how much smaller but better this August model is, mainly due to the choice of antennas supplied. I found that the mag mount was most suitable for me as it remains very compact for storage and saves me having to erect a large aerial each time I use it. My old Tivizen model used to receive a maximum of about 40 channels of which quite a few would break up at times, the new August405 was picking up 122 channels when first tested. The only thing I really miss about my Tivizen model is the fact that although the August405 has very similar interface it doesn’t have any EPG. it does show now and next but no way of seeing later programs like the Tivizen does. Very pleased overall though and use it regularly connected to my iPad Pro 12.9”.

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Brilliant little device.

Superbly quick delivery. I could have done with this little gizmo 10 years ago but we had to wait until now (2020). Bought for viewing TV in our caravan on our tablet which has a much better screen than any TV you can buy anywhere. Our little caravan TV has terrible viewing angles whereas the tablet is superb in that respect at a fraction of the price. I will be 3D printing a mount to fit our 75x75 VESA bracket and we’ll be away. Using a Bluetooth keyboard track pad to control the tablet remotely. Unfortunately remote control isn’t possible on the iPad so although you can download and use the app on iOS it can’t be controlled remotely whereas and Android tablet can. I was set up and using the TV tuner box in a couple of minutes. Really easy to set up. Even worked for me on the supplied antenna so will certainly work well with a caravan aerial. Excellent little product and great working softwate with the Siano TV app. Works great on my old Hudl2 so should on any later tablet.

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Was a little sceptical at first but took this camping ...

Was a little sceptical at first but took this camping anyway. Placed the receiver in the car and used the supplied magnetic aerial on the roof. Started the tuning process and low and behold 156 channels in the middle of a wooded campsite. Plugged a powerpack into it to keep it charged. A friend of mine could see the receiver from 100ft away so tried it as well he was impressed.

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Apple and Android TV Tuner

This works fairly well outside, I have even used it inside (up against the window with the telescope antenna - not the magnetic one), during a powercut I was able to watch tv on my tablet. It can if positioned correctly (and more so when outside) find all of the channels that my husehold DTV picks up. It does get a bit patchy/sketchy at times and is ddefinitely NOT an alternative for household unis but as something to while the ttime away when camping on a rainy evening (and no, I dont want a barage of abuse for watching telly while camping - If the weather is rough then this is a perfect altenative to another pottery making day - lol).<br /> <br /> It is very small, surprisingly so, it will easily fit in the palm of your hand, nearly as small as a box of matches - this means it is very light and convenient to take with you anywhere.

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An excellent product

I have a motorhome and did not want to install a TV that would only be used occasionally but sometimes there is a programme that I want to watch. This little gadget is the perfect solution for me. It comes with two little aerials and a coaxial connector so I can connect it to the van's aerial. It is then just a question of downloading the app to my tablet. When charged up and switched on the device links to the tablet and pulls down all the available freeview channels and radio stations (about 174!). You can then reorder them on the tablet to suit you and away you go. The quality of the picture inevitably depends upon the strength of signal. It will also pause and record programmes on your tablet or phone. So rather than the weight and expense of a TV which must by fixed in one place, this matchbox sized gadget lets me watch TV or listen to the radio anywhere in the van.

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