GPS for Lorry Navion S7 PRO Special Truck 7 Inch 4G with Dashcam and Smart Navigation

GPS for Lorry Navion S7 PRO Special Truck 7 Inch 4G with Dashcam and Smart Navigation


GPS navigator for Smart Truck with 4G Navion S7 Special Truck with a 7-inch screen with automatic lighting control and multitouch capacitive touch system that allows you to pinch the screen with two fingers. It has advanced functionalities for integration with the latest logistics tools: NFC system, G-sensor, Lora, light sensor, and video input compatible with the Navion Blackbox Remote security camera system. The Full HD camera allows you to record incidents while driving to use as evidence in case of accidents. It has free map updates for the entire lifetime that can be downloaded from the same device and a 3-year warranty.

GPS for Lorry Navion S7 PRO Special Truck 7 Inch 4G with Dashcam and Smart Navigation

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  • WARRANTY up to 5 years. Enjoy a European WARRANTY with unlimited services. WARRANTY up to 5 years. Enjoy a European WARRANTY with unlimited services.
  • WE PLANT A TREE WITH YOUR NAME FOR EACH PRODUCT. Every time you buy one or more NavionTruck products, we plant a tree for you. WE PLANT A TREE WITH YOUR NAME FOR EACH PRODUCT. Every time you buy one or more NavionTruck products, we plant a tree for you.

Possibly the best 7-inch GPS in the World

Discover our advanced GPS navigation system designed specifically for Lorrys, with powerful logistical functionalities that allow you to connect with cutting-edge business tools. Forget about using multiple tools, as our GPS navigation system gives you access to the world's widest database to quickly and accurately find any destination.

In addition, you can download worldwide maps and keep them updated directly from the device via Wi-Fi or the built-in 4G connection. Our GPS navigation works autonomously, without the need for internet, ensuring a seamless navigation experience. You can make the most of the device's performance by using multiple applications simultaneously, such as Dashcam or music apps, thanks to its high battery capacity.

With our robust and reliable system, you can enjoy hours of continuous navigation without worrying about running out of power. Get ready to take your navigation experience to the next level with our GPS navigation system for trucks, designed to meet the demands of transportation and logistics professionals. Don't miss the opportunity to optimize your routes and improve the efficiency of your operations with our cutting-edge solution.


7-Inch Display

Enjoy the incredible ultra-bright 7-inch touchscreen display in high definition with a resolution of 1024x600. Its intuitive design allows you to quickly access the most important functions with direct access controls for volume, apps, and home, providing you with smooth and convenient access to the full capability of the screen.


Extended Battery Life

Enjoy exceptional performance with the powerful 4300mAh battery that provides you with over 5 hours of continuous usage, even when you're fully utilizing all the device's resources. Whether you're using GPS navigation on your travels or enjoying multimedia content during your downtime, our high-capacity battery will provide you with the necessary power to carry out all your activities.

Furthermore, keeping your long-term needs in mind, we've designed the device with an easily accessible battery compartment that allows you to swap the battery quickly and effortlessly. This way, you can keep your device ready to continue operating without interruptions, even during long journeys or workdays.

We care about your convenience and want to ensure that you can make the most of all the features of our device without worrying about battery life. With the 4300mAh battery and its easy swap capability, you'll be prepared to tackle any situation and enjoy unparalleled performance for hours.

Trust in our cutting-edge technology and attention to detail to provide you with an unmatched user experience throughout your day.


Intuitive menu

Get everything you need quickly and conveniently. Our device offers you shortcuts so you can customize it to your preferences and easily access your favorite applications. From one place, you'll have complete control over everything happening around you.

With our intuitive interface, you'll find the shortcuts you need in one place, allowing you to personalize the device according to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you want to adjust settings, access your most-used apps, or stay informed about what's happening around you, everything will be at your fingertips.

Furthermore, you'll have complete control over the device's functions and features, allowing you to tailor it to your lifestyle and maximize its usefulness in every situation. From customizing the interface to managing your favorite apps, you'll have everything under control in a single step.

With our focus on comfort and efficiency, we offer you a seamless and hassle-free user experience. Whether you're organizing your day, navigating the city, or simply enjoying your favorite apps, our device will provide you with everything you need quickly and easily.


Customizable Interface to Suit Your Preferences

Customize your experience to the fullest with the Navion S10 Special Truck. You choose what to see and how to see it. With our wide range of configurations, you can tailor the device to your exact preferences. Some of the options you can adjust include indicating your truck model or even adding your own logo, displaying the number of available satellites, checking the outside temperature, verifying Wi-Fi or mobile network coverage, directly accessing your favorite apps, controlling music players with playback information and functions, adjusting the volume, using the microphone, and customizing shortcuts to your preferred apps with text and icons. Additionally, you'll have full control over the screen brightness to adapt it to your needs.

With the Navion S7 Special Truck, you can create a unique experience tailored to your specific requirements. Enjoy the freedom to customize every aspect of your device and make the most of all its functions.


Wireless TV Capability

Immerse yourself in the world of limitless television with the Navion S10 Special Truck. Our system offers you the possibility to connect with other devices from our brand, such as the Navion DVB-T Digital Television Antenna, to enjoy TV anywhere completely free of charge. With this antenna, you'll be able to tune in to channels from any country as if you were in the comfort of your own home, without the need to use internet data.

Imagine having access to a wide variety of TV programs and content, without geographical restrictions or additional charges. With the Navion S10 Special Truck and our TV antenna, you can enjoy your favorite shows wherever you are, without worrying about internet connectivity. Experience uninterrupted TV viewing without any additional costs with our digital television antenna system.


4G data connection

We have taken GPS navigation functionality to another level with the Navion S7 Special Truck. Thanks to the integration of a 3G/4G data module, you can now use our device as a true smartphone. This means you can make calls and use messaging applications like the popular WhatsApp.

But that's not all. This innovative feature also gives you the ability to have remote connections from anywhere, expanding your options to access the internet even in areas where Wi-Fi connections are not available. You no longer have to worry about the lack of connectivity, as our device is compatible with data cards from any telecommunication company. This offers you the freedom to choose the service provider that best suits your needs.

Imagine the convenience of having all the functions of a smartphone integrated into your GPS navigation device. Now you can stay connected at all times, make important calls, and communicate with your colleagues or loved ones without any issues. With the Navion S7 Special Truck, connectivity is guaranteed no matter where you are.


Connectivity Designed for Logistics

The Navion S7 Special Truck is designed with connectivity and versatility in mind, catering to the needs of your company. With its wide range of connections, you can link devices and key tools in your logistics operations.

From remote connections to tachographs to the ability to use third-party applications, our device provides you with all the necessary tools to streamline the work of drivers. Additionally, you can integrate security cameras, temperature sensors, schedule controls, and access the device through NFC technology.

The USB connections via the USB Type-C port, NFC technology, and the powerful 16mpx camera with flash provide you with even more functionalities. You'll be able to scan deliveries, monitor merchandise pickups, and handle payments directly from your device.

With the Navion S7 Special Truck, you'll have all the necessary connections to optimize your logistics processes and improve efficiency in your company. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of all these benefits and take your business to the next level.


Full HD 1080p Dashcam Camera

We have upgraded our system with the addition of a high-quality camera specifically designed to capture traffic incidents. Its advanced impact sensor ensures that traffic events are securely saved and can be accessed later, including accurate information about the incident location.

Our camera can record in the background, allowing you to continue using other device functions without interruptions. Additionally, you can configure the duration of the recorded videos according to your preferences. The system also has the ability to automatically delete irrelevant videos, freeing up storage space for new events.

To ensure optimal performance, we have developed an intelligent solution that assigns dedicated storage blocks exclusively for the Dashcam, avoiding interference with other applications. Our Dashcam software manages the stored videos and deletes them when the defined capacity approaches its limit, ensuring that you always have space available for new recordings.

With our Dashcam, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have high-quality recordings of traffic incidents, backed by efficient storage management. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your road safety with this innovative addition to our system.

Product Accessories

Suction Cup Mount

Strong grip for the windshield to prevent falls.

MicSD NavionTruck

External 32GB Micro SD memory card, Class 10, manufactured by Kingston with pre-installed maps and Micro SD card adapter.

12/24v USB charger

HHigh durability and efficiency with dual charging input.

220v charger

High quality and durability

Data cable

High-quality Type-C data cable.

Silicone Case

Silicone protector to prevent impact.

GPS Mount with video connection, interfaces, micro USB charging, and direct power supply

Allows connection with an external dashcam, external cameras for fixed installation with vehicle power supply.

Tray Mount with Suction Cup

Allows GPS usage without wiring, only with the car charger.

Screws and mounting accessories

Everything you need to install the device

User manual

Multilanguage user manual for navigation.

3-year Warranty

Enjoy the FULL 3-year warranty. The warranty includes round-trip shipping to our Service and Technical Assistance Center (SAT).


Data sheet

Measures MM:
Device language
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Danish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Irish, Lithuanian, Slovak, Swedish…
It is compatible with third-party navigation apps, logistics tools and tachographs
Operating System:
AOSP Smart Truck
MTK Platform 2GHz Octa Core CPU
Micro SD:
Mobile data:
Compatible with high-precision temperature and humidity control devices
Compatible with TV antenna (Navion DVB-T)
Battery capacity
Battery Life:
5 days standby and 5 hours GPS use
You can connect a USB stick with an OTG adapter
Screen Size:
7 inches
Screen Resolution:
YES (1080P)
Parking camera
Compatible with recording and viewing cameras (Navion Blackbox Remote)
Display Type:
Text Editor:
Player Text:
Picture Viewer:
You can download maps from all over the world:
Points of interest:
More than 1 million points of interest (gas stations, warehouses, companies, industrial estates, car parks, service areas, toll collect, car parks...)
Preinstalled Maps:
All the countries of Europe: EU 45 + Russia, Morocco, Turkey
Nano SIM

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