What is a GPS locator


A GPS locator is a device that incorporates by default at the hardware level a mobile data telephony module and a GPS antenna. The device is designed at the software level to be configured with SMS parameters and send its location data and other factors according to the device to a platform through GPRS, in this way we can interact with the tracker from our smartphone or with a web platform tracking, on said platform and thanks to a web map, such as Google Maps, we could see the position of the tracker reflected on the map and track it through the coordinates that it sends us. The GPS locator sends the information of its position in coordinates through its data module to the web platform or through SMS to the mobile phone that we have associated represented in a text link to be able to be opened from any web browser from the smartphone.


How to install


Its configuration with our platform and the smartphone is simple and fast, you only need to send two SMS to configure the device with our platform (NavionTruck Geo-Connect Platform) and from the moment you have configured it you can start using the system.


Depending on the device you have purchased on our website, it may take a more complex or simple installation process. We are talking about the case of those locators that have the function of fuel cut, alarm, panic button, etc. For these devices we recommend that the installation be carried out by a professional, although the device has a well-detailed installation manual in each language.


What is it going to cost me


NavionTruck offers its locators without additional costs of hiring the tracking platform, this means that you will pay only and exclusively for the device once and we will not charge you any amount for using the NavionTruck Geo-Connect location platform, you only you will have to pay an appropriate mobile phone fee for the device's communication with your mobile phone and the tracking platform. We advise hiring an M2M data service that are the most appropriate and least expensive.


We advise


We advise hiring an M2M data service that is the most appropriate and least expensive. A data rate of no more than 40 mb per month since the weight of the data packets transmitted between the locator and our platform are of low weight (1kb), in the same way we recommend that the rate include a free SMS package or low cost since if we want to use the smartphone to receive the coordinates of the locator, if we do not have it contracted, this can increase the bill. There are very good rates in which you can pay about € 9 per month for free data and SMS, that is, if you find one at the mentioned price, this would be what you would pay each month to use one of our devices.


It is important to know that there are rates with restrictions for other countries (Roaming) and if we have not contracted it we can give ourselves a scare on the bill. We must also study that the coverage of the company we are going to choose is good.


Our rates


We offer data service worldwide, currently with our data rate, you can have data coverage in any country in the world, but if you have the need to hire a country outside of our standard rate, we can also offer it at a personalized price by requesting a quote without obligation HERE


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